Nowadays Many Education Consultancy and Job Placement consultancy in need of Degree Students Database. This helps them to directly get in touch with your students or their parents to get a job or for higher studies in  abroad

We have a special method to collect students database from various Online educational websites institutes or Google ads or Facebook Ads

Who Needs Degree Students Database?

Internship companies - They want student interns to do an engineering job. sometimes companies offer an internship with a stipend, they do provide experience certificate for the same.

Job Placement Companies - They have a tie with lots of MNC companies and they provide employment guidance, get a job for the students

Colleges or Universities - They have lots of Master Degree courses. they want students to join the course and get benefit out of it, Many Foreign Universities also needs Degree students Database

Industrial Companies - They directly recruit the students via Recruitment driver. They need a database to announce the recruitment driver information

Job Placement Websites - They want fresh students to register on their websites. they use this data to promote their websites

Education Portal - There are lots of education portal such as providing information about colleges, providing exam materials, providing mockup exam etc.  They need data to promote their websites

Education Learning  Apps Companies - Now lots of companies developed a Mobile to provide e-learning or coaching via Mobile App, They need this data to promote their websites.

Coaching Institutes for Various Entrance Exam - They wants parents or students number to promote various courses offered by them

Coaching Institutes for Digital Marketing or Computer training - They have specialized courses or summer camp courses for students. they want to promote this courses to students

What Type of Students Database are these companies looking For?

1. BBA Degree Student Data 
2. BCA Degree Student Data
3. MBA Degree Student Data
4. Bcom Degree Students Data
5. Bsc Degree Students Data ( Those students who pursuing graduation from science )
6. M.Com, Degree Students Data
7. MBA Aspire Students Data

Non-Engineering Degree Students Database

This data will be needed by education consultancy who guide us.