Recent Karnataka 10th Students Database 2019

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All 6.9 lakh students data with mobile number and name available!

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Now, the most important question.

Who require these databases?

1) Educational Consultants : These consultants are the ones that require the data themost. It can be used for promoting their consultancy, sending students abroad for higher studies.

2) Colleges & Universities : They use this files to promote their institues, courses, programmes. Students looking out for specific courses can get in touch with them to learn more about the courses. This will help the students get the variety of choice and help them make the right decision.

3) Research Institutes : They can analyse the data , to understand student behaviour and thier decision making capabilities.

How to make use of this data?

This data can be used in multiple ways :

1) SMS Campaign : You can purchase this data and shoot out a Bulk SMS campaign. This way you can reach out multiple people at the same time. The students who are interested will get back to you. This saves a lot of your time and effort when compared to manual calling.

2) Voice Campaign : This is a relatively new and excellent technology. You can record your own voice and send the students a personlaised message, asking them to give a missed call. This way, if the students need to enquire, they will get in touch with you directly.

3) Email Campaign : The most widely used means to get in touch with students. A mass email campaign can be sent to thousands of students at a time. This way the reach is widespread and those willing to sign up will get in touch.

Finally, if you require any of the above SMS,Email and voice Services, you can get in touch with

Canny Infotech!