All India Database : Genuine 2018 Verified | All India Data

All India Data Provider, We have more than 80 Crore Indian Data, We provide Free Sample For clients. we shall help you focus on the right kind of database for your company business needs.

Targeting the Indian consumer is on your mind? Indian internet penetration has grown to 1000% in the last few years.

Considering the fact that Indian consumer has their own need and desires, even the database on the affluent population is meager.

Marketing to such Indian consumer is not easy as their purchase decisions are driven by factors that are totally different from the other countries audience. To get closer to such a crowd, you need an updated latest 2018 database for marketing.

If your company specialize in e-commerce, automobile, telecom or any industry, and your company wants to target the right audience for lead generation or target marketing campaigns, you can rely us on our large collection of the database that gives a unique opportunity to reach your exact target prospects.

Here’s are some categories of our Database

  • HNI Database with their City
  • Car Owners Database with Car Model Number
  • Online Shoppers Database
  • Frequent Flyers Database
  • Salaried People Database
  • IT Professional Database
  • B2B business owners Database
  • Doctors Database
  • Pincodewise Database

The database is Categorised city-wise:


  1. Agra
  2. Ahmedabad
  3. Bangalore
  4. Bhopal
  5. Bhuvneshwar
  6. Chandigarh
  7. Chennai
  8. Coimbatore
  9. Delhi
  10. Ernakulam
  11. Goa
  12. Hubli
  13. Hyderabad
  14. Indore
  15. Jaipur
  16. Jalandhar
  17. Jamnagar
  18. Jamshedpur
  19. Jodhpur
  20. Kanpur
  21. Kolkata
  22. Kolhapur
  23. kozhikode
  24. Lucknow
  25. Ludhiana
  26. Madurai
  27. Mangalore
  28. Mumbai
  29. Mysore
  30. Nagpur
  31. Nashik
  32. Patna
  33. Pondicherry
  34. Pune
  35. Rajkot
  36. Ranchi
  37. salem
  38. Surat
  39. Thiruvananthapuram
  40. Tirunelveli
  41. vadodara
  42. Varanasi
  43. Vijayawada

What advantages your company derive from our database?

  • Precise targeting with a quality database with SMS Marketing (NOTE: Need to Follow TRAI Regulation) or Email Campaign
  • Access to 1000+ Categories to choose from 
  • Better reach through a targeted marketing campaign with a live analytics option
  • Ability to tap new customers base
  • Reach the right kind of audience in 30 minutes of time.
  • Increase in sales in 24 hours time

Our All India Data Categories


1.  All India Finacial Companies Data

2. All India Small Medium Companies Database

3. All India Working Professional Data

4. All India Whatsapp Number Filter Data

5. All India Corporate Companies Database

6. All India Website Owners Data

7. All India School Database

8. All India Colleges Database

9. All India Student Data

10. All India CEO Database

11. All India Travel Agents Database

12. All India IT Working Employee Database

13. All India HNI Database

14. All India Car Owners Database

15. All India Import Export Database

16. All India Demat Data

17. All India Travellers Data

18. All India Shoppers Data

19. All India Beauty Parlous Database

20. All India Investors Data




* The databases are not sold and are only used for running internal campaigns - Chat with us for more details

Do you want to target the Indian audience for a new real estate project or an investment plan?

We also help with our target SMS or Email marketing solution that is fuelled by our marketing All India Mobile Number and email id database. We assure that this collection of the database is very good in terms of both quality and quantity.