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India's Best B2B database Provider

Do you search internet for b2b database provider, you are at right place, your searching of real b2b database purchase ends here. we provide high quality b2b sales leads for your business.


Our Strong Points

you will get high-quality HNI database from us. We provide one to one support and Data validation functionality for using Bulk SMS Campaign. This gives you the exact correct data for your business. Also as per your requirements we will filter and give you the exact data instead of all data. This will save lots of your time for filtering a huge data

  • Custom Data Support
  • One to One Customer Support
  • Data Validation Using SMS Campaign
  • Income wise Data Filtration

Our Pricing

Rs.5000 / Per Lakh

₹ – Price 

Total B2B Data Count

Year Updated

Citywise HNI Database









Why You Need B2B Prospect Database Services

B2B data helps business or companies to generate more revenue.

Get Business Leads

Using our B2B database many companies got sales increased 200%. Instead of Promoting your business to everyone you can target your niche category using this B2B Data. The guaranteed Lead assurance given by us for any B2B Data 

Trusted Leading B2B Provider

There are so many vendors providing b2b database. but very few have filtration of various business . as per your requirements we can get you b2b data which suits your business needs.

2000+ Categories

To get success in B2B marketing or sales lead generation you need to have right category database. we have filtered b2b database for 2000+ Categories to benefit your business

Different Country Database

Some B2B Business needs to promote its services outside india, we do support international b2b data like USA and can target these countries with email campaign services

Get Immediate Access Via Excel

No Need to wait for getting this database, We send this data via email with excel sheet for your convenience

Best Strategy for B2B lead Generation

Nowadays it’s so difficult to spend online campaign for promoting business . Our B2B lead generation based on the phone number or email data helps you to directly get in touch with a customer this saves lots of your money and time

Exclusive Features

The exclusive features of this data are as follows

1. Income Range Mentioned

2. City Wise Segmented

3. Four Different types of categories

4. Very Recently Updated Database


No Of Purchased Clients


Increased Sales


Increased Revenue

Answers to Your Questions

What is B2B Database ?

You might be wondering what is b2b database , in a nutshell this is collection of mobile and email infomation categorised to promote companies to sell their product or services to other companies

Where to Buy B2B Database ?

You don’t need to visit any physical store to buy this database. you can directly chat or email us to get this data immediately

Do You provide B2B Sales Leads ?

Yes We help you to choose right category to get more leads with our data. also we help to promote via SMS and Email

How we are different from other B2B database Provider?

Our strong point for b2b data is providing you correct relevant category based on your business needs. we provide one to one consultation before choosing or buying any b2b data with us

How can you target your audience?

it’s so simple to target b2b companies with our data. we suggest the following medium to promote using this data like bulk email, bulk SMS and Whatsapp , Some of our clients used Facebook campaign using the same data points

Do You Need Free B2B Database for testing Our Data ?

You have all the rights to verify the authenticity of this data before buying b2b data from us. Talk or Chat with us to get sample

Let's Work Together!

You will grow your business with us. Your Leads Our Responsibility.